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NAVENTIK’s PATHFINDER is a cutting-edge GNSS software receiver for demanding automotive and industrial applications.


PATHFINDER is NAVENTIK’s technology for 
challenging and safety-critical localization tasks.

In contrary to conventional GNSS systems, PATHFINDER is a complete GNSS software stack that integrates seamlessly with Advanced Driver Assistence Systems (ADAS) or other mobile platforms. PATHFINDER is substituting the hardware GNSS receiver by using graphics acceleration resources.

The best possible localization performance is always the result of sensor data fusion. PATHFINDER reliably estimates the vehicle system state and its confidence, represented by a protection level. Additionally a tightly-coupling of GNSS signals and vehicle onboard sensors achieves an accurate, robust and highly available solution on a mass market price level. This is the basis for the safety critical GNSS integration.

The PATHFINDER digital antenna will be tailored to your needs when it comes to integration into your hardware environment. This keeps costs down and the architecture simple.


Traditional Setup

A dedicated hardware GNSS receiver plus antenna results in a complex system architecture. An integrated supervision of the receiver performance is not possible.



Our software receiver is integrated into the central sensor fusion platform. This approach leads to a simplified architecture and enables an integrated safety concept.

Have a look at how we use PATHFINDER in the project IVS-LOK


Satellite Navigation for highly automated driving requires an integrated safety concept for GNSS signal processing.

Exact vehicle positioning is a major challenge for V2X, ADAS and AVs. Future safety-critical driving functions also require functional safety (FuSi) down to the sensor layer. NAVENTIK PATHFINDER enables both - a more robust localization even in urban environments and the implementation of FuSi concepts through transparency of the signal pre-processing within the receiver framework.

Safety Lifecycle. In order to implement a security concept for GNSS position data, the entire processing chain from the GNSS ground segment via satellites in space to the final position in a digital environmental model must be covered. This includes the explicit modelling and mitigation of all known sources of error. Some of the influences are related to signal propagation disturbances, others to errors inherent in the system. Most of them can be monitored by external service providers and integrity information must be evaluated in real time in the receiver.

The most critical remaining sources of error are associated with local environmental conditions such as multipath errors or non-line-of-sight errors (NLOS). These errors cannot be externally monitored - the GNSS receiver must be qualified to evaluate this additional error budget. The PATHFINDER baseband processing is extended to include explicit models for dealing with these uncertainties.

Multipath/NLOS and Receicer Noise. We have redesigned the entire signal processing from scratch, including explicit error models for multipath and system models for signal tracking. PATHFINDER generates the corresponding error budget as probability density when the system is exposed to signal interference. Our software receiver notifies you when multipath occurs, how much influence it has and what this means for the accuracy and integrity of the vehicle state estimation.

In short, PATHFINDER integrates all safety-relevant aspects of vehicle localization. All steps of signal processing are carefully reviewed so as not to lose or falsify any information relevant for the estimating a valid error budget. The PATHFINDER module will be interfaced by an API tailored to your needs and requirements. As we aim to implement on your ECU or ADAS processor, we carefully develop according to automotive standards and will also comply with ISO 26262.


PATHFINDER - The fully configurable software GNSS receiver.

  1. Quality GNSS Software Receiver  - Using GPU resources in vehicle automation, our software-based GNSS sensor solution can now replace expensive older hardware components to reach mass market maturity!
  2. High accuracy positioning including real-time confidence estimate - PATHFINDER reliably estimates the vehicle system state including position, velocity and heading and their corresponding confidence. This is the key data dimension for an effective sensor data fusion and to finally apply a Horizontal Protection Level for the vehicle position.
  3. Safety compliance - PATHFINDER is developed according the highest quality standards of the automotive industry. Our vision is to provide an ISO26262 compliant GNSS receiver for safety critical vehicle applications.
  4. Advanced Multipath Mitigation Models - Multipath and Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) effects strongly degrade GNSS positioning performance. PATHFINDER uses advanced probabilistic multipath mitigation algorithms to detect the type of pseudorange measurement and adjusts the protection level to the state estimate.
  5. Configurable Operation Modes - The tightly coupled integration into your existing data fusion application leads to an extremely robust and precise positioning with options to extend the coupling with further vehicle sensors.
  6. In-Field Software Upgrades - Keep PATHFINDER up to date within the product lifecycle. Future GNSS features are provided by a simple update process.
  7. Wide Support of ADAS Platforms and Middlewares - For easy integration into prototyping and evaluation frameworks, PATHFINDER supports common middlewares and is tested on various ADAS platforms such as NVIDIA Drive PX2.
  8. Low Cost Serial Production - The use of PATHFINDER drastically lowers the cost factor compared to a conventional hardware GNSS solution. The integration of PATHFINDER into E/E vehicle systems reduces hardware overhead and results in a simplified architecture.

For a deeper dive into our GNSS technology please check our FAQ section


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We are curious to hear how you use PATHFINDER and what you are experiencing. Send your ideas and suggestions!