Features & Specifications

PATHFINDER - The high-performance software positioning engine.


The rising utilization of
GPU based ADAS & Autonomy compute platforms
enable our solution

  1. Quality GNSS Software Receiver - Due to the seamless embedding into the cluster computing architectures of ADAS, our flexible software based GNSS sensor can now substitute expensive legacy hardware components to achieve mass market readiness and high performance levels – ready for safety critical applications!
  2. High Accuracy and Integrity - PATHFINDER reliably estimates the vehicle system state including the accurate position, velocity and heading as well as their associated integrity values (measures of trust). Combined with next generation correction services these data dimensions are the basis for a safety critical GNSS integration into ADAS and AV use cases that require lane-level positioning.
  3. Safety Compliant - PATHFINDER is designed according the highest quality standards of the automotive industry. We are working towards ISO26262 and ASIL B compliance for our PATHFINDER localization solution for safety critical vehicle applications.
  4. Integrated Sensor Fusion - The deeply coupled combination of GNSS and motion data leads to an extremely robust and high-performance GNSS/INS positioning. Furthermore it is possible to extend fusion of GNSS with additional vehicle onboard sensors e.g. odometers or vision based navigation systems, tailored to specialized use cases.
  5. Advanced Multipath Mitigation Models - Multipath and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) effects strongly degrade GNSS positioning performance. PATHFINDER uses advanced probabilistic multipath mitigation algorithms to detect the type of pseudorange measurement to adjust the protection level of the state estimate.
  6. In-Field Software Upgrades - Keep PATHFINDER up to date within the product lifecycle. Current and future GNSS features such as new constellations or argumentation services are provided by a simple update process.
  7. Highly Portable - PATHFINDER is written in C++ and can be ported to your platform of choice. For easy integration into prototyping and evaluation frameworks, PATHFINDER supports common middlewares and has been tested on various ADAS platforms.
  8. Low Cost Serial Production - The use of PATHFINDER drastically lowers the cost factor compared to a conventional hardware GNSS solution. The integration of PATHFINDER into your vehicle systems reduces the hardware overhead and enables a simplified and centralized architecture.
  9. Post Processing - PATHFINDER's powerful and highly configurable post-processing engine maximizes the performance of the localization solution using all available GNSS and INS data.


PATHFINDER GNSS and emPE characteristics and performance

PATHFINDER GNSS characteristics*
GNSS Constellations & FrequenciesGPS L1/L1C, L2/L2C, L5
Galileo E1, Galileo E5a/E5b
Beidou B1, B2
SBAS according DO-229E_SBAS_VTU592S7 
Number of ChannelsPlatform specific**, e.g. 32 channels tracked @ 2% GPU utilized on NIVIDA NX
Multipath MitigationSeveral advanced algorithms
GNSS Front-End4-Channel reference multiband HW with high precision clock
InterfacesSW interface & GUI, platform specific** HW interfaces
PATHFINDER emPE Performance***
GNSS only (Standalone mode)1.2 m (RMSE)
SBAS1.0 m (RMSE)
DGPS0.5 m (RMSE)
RTK0.02 m (RMSE)
PPP-RTK0.10 m (RMSE) including high integrity data (Q2 2022)
Post processing0.01 m (RMSE)
Sensor FusionGNSS base accuracy with tight, loose and deep coupling* of all kind of odometry, motion and rotation data increases availabilty and robustness of solution. Initial heading available by using second GNSS antenna. 
Time to first fix (TTFF)****Cold < 40 s
Reacquisition < 1 s
Hot (aided start) < 9 s
Data rates25 Hz, up to 100 Hz using sensor fusion
Confidence estimate maximum NEES 10
CorrectionsRTCM 3.x over NTRIP, SPARTN 2.0
Solution latency< 40 ms
Navigation OutputGPX, GeoJSON, KML, LCM, MQTT, NMEA, RTCM 3, RINEX

* Only in combination with PATHFINDER GNSS, different when using third party hardware receivers
** Highly scalable depending on available resources of the processing platform
*** Positioning performance depends on atmospheric conditions signal multipath, satellite geometry as well as available corrections and their quality. A minimum of 5 satellites is assumed. All accuracies apply to Horizontal Position accuracies.
**** TTFF times apply in open sky and strong signals conditions. Hot Start is the time taken by the receiver to achieve a standard position fix after a brief outage between 30 and 50 seconds, Re-acquisition between between 1 and 5 second, cold start after a prolonged outage. 


Control PATHFINDER with our fancy visual user interface, available for all platforms. This image shows a GNSS+INS positioning with realtime confidence measures.

Why Choose Us

See for yourself with this example of a test drive.


Ground Truth

RTK GNSS+INS reference system
System cost 50.000 USD



Low cost GNSS receiver + ASIL B IMU
System cost 8 USD + 15 USD



State of the art dual freq. RTK receiver
System cost 250 USD

For a deeper dive into our localization technology please check our FAQ section.

Current release of PATHFINDER GNSS & PATHFINDER emPE available under R&D License
(Software libraries for integration on your ADAS platform or delivered on NVIDIA® Jetson NX™)


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