NAVENTIK’s technology for demanding and 
safety-critical localization tasks.

Accurate and robust vehicle localization for use cases beyond human navigation requires a combination of GNSS with further sensors. PATHFINDER is the scalable platform to provide a deep integration of our high integrity GNSS algorithms with your sensor stack to achieve a new level of localization performance - accurate, precise, robust, highly available and functional safety compliant at lowest cost.

PATHFINDER is composed of two modules to form a powerful localization engine.

PATHFINDER GNSS is NAVENTIK‘s unique Software Defined GNSS sensor that fully substitutes your existing hardware receiver by a flexible and scalabe ECU embedded software. PATHFINDER GNSS delivers a highly accurate positioning including integrity data using latest the latest generation of GNSS correction services. The real-time confidence estimation is the key data for a seamless and safety-compliant integration based on a deeply coupled sensor fusion.

PATHFINDER FUSION uses the synergies of GNSS positioning and motion data from additional vehicle sensors. Starting from INS integration, we provide algorithms that combine odometry or vision based motion data with measurements from any GNSS receiver under consideration of the vehicle model. PATHFINDER FUSION creates the most robust and accurate navigation solution using all available information. 

The Combined Power of PATHFINDER GNSS & FUSION. The PATHFINDER GNSS software receiver utilization in a deeply coupled mode enables extremely robust and uninterrupted high-performance GNSS/INS positioning. In contrast to conventional tightly- or loosely-coupled GNSS/INS systems, deeply coupled systems do not just combine autonomously generated GNSS and INS solutions. Inertial measurement unit (IMU) based speed and direction information is used to aid and stabilize the satellite tracking of the GNSS receiver in challenging environments or after a loss of the satellite signal. Likewise, e.g. the “Delta-Phases” of the GNSS receiver, which are already available when receiving only two satellites, can be used to compensate the drift of the IMU.


Bridging the performance gap between
low cost GNSS chipsets and RTK/INS solutions

High-performance Software Positioning

Software engine with advanced error modeling and rapid convergence times, interference mitigation and monitoring. 

Sensor Fusion at
Vehicle Level

Adding inertial or vision aided navigation increases availability and continuity of the solution, seamless integrated on vehicle ECU.

Low cost and scalable to serial production

PATHFINDER eliminates hardware limitations by a software approach to a minimum (RF stage + antenna).

Fuctional Safety ready

Development according to automotive safety standards (ISO26262) to meet Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL).

For a deeper dive into our localization technology please check our FAQ section.

Current release of PATHFINDER GNSS & PATHFINDER FUSION available under R&D License
(Software libraries for integration on your ADAS platform or delivered on NVIDIA® Jetson AGX™)


Control PATHFINDER with our fancy visual user interface, available for all platforms. This image shows a GNSS+INS positioning with realtime confidence measures.


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