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Accurate localization for intelligent traffic systems

IVS-LOK is a project belonging to the high-tech-initiative “Synchrone Mobilität 2023 – Intelligente Verkehrssysteme in Sachsen”. The project intends to combine vehicle automation and car-to-car or car-to-infrastructure connections in order to exploit potentials for urban applications.

By using conventional GNSS receivers and a suitable infrastructure, precise track localization at submeter level can be achieved. This is based on virtual reference stations equipped with reference receivers and LSA's with communication technologies such as mobile radio, DAB+ and 802.11p. The use of map matching with HD maps ensures route adherence and improves accuracy and integrity. A multisensor datafusion supports localization by validating the position determination in the laboratory and practically on the vehicle.

The NAVENTIK PATHFINDER replaces conventional hardware GPS receivers with a software solution. Our software is integrated into the sensor data fusion in order to achieve high-precision localization even under difficult conditions. In the IVS-LOK project, an additional GNSS frequency will be integrated in order to achieve advantages in terms of precision and reliability as well as functional reliability compared to single-frequency systems.

Project coordinator: TUD-ITVS

Project partners: Fraunhofer IVI , HTW Dresden, IAV, NXP, Geo Net Solution, Metirionic, NAVENTIK, (UA) HRD

Project duration: 01.10.2018 - 31.03.2021

Project promoter: SAB Aufbaubank



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