PATHFINDER significantly reduces the cost of high-accuracy positioning
for autonomous applications.

For the OEM

Vehicle Electric and Electronic (E/E) architectures are the foundation for the worldwide commissioning of vehicle platforms. NAVENTIK provides the unified software positioning solution PATHFINDER for global vehicle platforms. PATHFINDER can be tailored to different requirements and services. It can be updated over the air according to different markets, regions and business models.

For System Integrators

For system integrators, our high-performance positioning engine reduces the complexity of vehicle E/E architectures. The PATHFINDER GNSS software stack uses your existing GPU resources to map GNSS functionality to the central ADAS processor. Our API can address all receiver functions and integrate them into the target platform - our contribution to a software-based vehicle architecture.

For ADAS Testing and Validation 

For ADAS testing and validation, PATHFINDER can be operated as a ground truth postprocessing solution. It helps you to dramatically reduce the commissioning and operation of test fleets as well as the collection of driving scenarios for e.g. HD-Map creation. Based on historic correction data and PATHFINDER in the cloud, you will get your reference position. 

Total cost of ownership.

The main cost driver for GNSS reference systems is coming from the Inertial Measurement Unit. The contribution to the system price is roughly 33 % (e.g. a 30k Dual Frequency RTK system contains a 10k€ IMU). The other 66% of the price tag are receiver hardware costs and IP. The PATHFINDER postprocessing solution integrated with a high performance IMU saves costs added by the hardware overhead onboard and integrates the IP to the backend - which is highly scalable.
Also the operational costs for the acquisition of a real time GNSS service provider are obsolete as we use open historic correction data. 

Cost reduction of commissioning the postprocessing solution compared to a traditional GNSS reference system


Cost reduction of the operational system


For Driving Function Developers

The transparency and flexibility of PATHFINDER simplifies the development of an integrated vehicle localization system. PATHFINDER software components will be qualified as a Safety Element out of Context for safety level ASIL-B according to ISO 26262. Furthermore, we are committed to the full qualification of a real time protection level for safety-of-live applications according ISO21448 (SOTIF).

For Railway and UAV's

It’s not only Automotive. To comply with the requirements and standards of the automotive industry also enables to deploy the PATHFINDER technology in further vertical applications. Successful pilot integration projects had already been made in the railway industries. NAVENTIK also did a successful integration into an autonomous street roller prototype with John Deere’s subsidiary Hamm AG. By joining Starburst Accelerator in 2021, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) will be developed together with Dassault Systems S.A. and Safran S.A.

Current release of PATHFINDER GNSS & PATHFINDER FUSION available under R&D License
(Software libraries for integration on your ADAS platform or delivered on NVIDIA® Jetson NX™)


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