From a research group to a deep tech startup.

We are...

...an international team of satellite navigation & sensor fusion experts, developing high-quality software to provide absolute positioning solutions for the advent of vehicle autonomy.

We are here to...

 ...maximize the performance of sensors and correction services along specific application requirements - focussing on position integrity & functional safety. Our sensor & service agnostic position engine is the key for the OEM to crack up positioning system offers into freely configurable off-the-shelve components for significant per-unit costs reductions.

By adding our SDR software for GNSS measurements, we trigger the next evolution step for vehicle positioning by dissolving the legacy concept of decentralized, hardware-based positioning systems and upfront production cost for the OEM. Leveraging performance through ultra-tightly coupling of available vehicle network sensor data with our GNSS SDR, we absolutely minimize the hardware content with the first SDR based end-to-end positioning platform. 

Tailored for the future vehicle’s E/E stack, our platform enables disruptive business models - provided to OEMs for the allocation of the system cost over lifetime & back2back with “Pay per Use” models for ADAS. Maturing the platform to be the default integrated safety & integrity positioning software, we achieve a dominant market position in safety critical ground vehicle applications. 

Value proposition

Based on sensor, service and platform agnostic software, we enable customers to freely specify and quickly integrate high-performance absolute positioning solutions. Our products provide accuracy, integrity & functional safety – compliant with specific application requirements and the cost restrictions of the automotive industry.

Tailored for the future vehicle’s E/E stack, our embedded software positioning platform triggers disruptive business models, allowing OEMs to allocate the system cost over lifetime & back2back with “Pay-per-Use” models for ADAS and “MaaS” for Autonomy.

We are striving to completely dissolve the legacy concept of decentralized, hardware-based positioning systems. Our PATHFINDER software platform will be the default integrated positioning middleware for safety critical applications on the ground and in the air.


We are a team passionate about highly automated and autonomous driving, helping to revolutionise the future of mobility. Located in the heart of Chemnitz, Germany, we develop the PATHFINDER localization technology for safety-critical automotive applications.

The Management

Sven Bauer


Peter Kalinowski


Michael Jüttner


Sven has been programming with passion since he received his first computer almost three decades ago and then studied Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Dresden. Afterwards he worked as a scientific assistant at the Chair of Communications Engineering in Chemnitz, where he developed the first GNSS navigation algorithms for PATHFINDER. Within NAVENTIK, he pursues the further development of PATHFINDER to meet all automotive requirements in terms of safety and reliability.

Peter began his career as an Audit Associate at Ernst & Young in 2005. After 7 years of service, he joined one of his major clients, the NSH Group, as Head of Group Controlling. There he gained expert knowledge in finance, accounting, taxation and management of small and medium size entities in and outside Germany. With his great wealth of experience and as connection between business and technology, Peter is your contact for any inquiries. 

Michael is the COO and a co-founder of NAVENTIK. In addition to extensive experience in embedded design and hardware test, Michael has a broad and in-depth knowledge of localisation technologies of all kinds.  At NAVENTIK, he is responsible for operations and customer projects, plays a key role in product strategy, and works on the integration of PATHFINDER into automotive ECUs and processing platforms.

NAVENTIK as a member of various consortia as well as individual team members can look back on a long success story of participation in cooperative research projects.

GNSS and Sensor Fusion related publications of NAVENTIK's founders

Our Mission

Enabling satellite navigation for automated driving.

NAVENTIK’s mission is to bring GNSS reference navigation technology for automated and autonomous driving into series production. Qualifying a technology for series production in the automotive sector is a long-term process. On the way to this ambitious goal, we are paving the way for the development of new automotive use cases.


Technology Leadership in GNSS SDR

PATHFINDER is available for research and development as well as for validation purposes. We work in close collaboration with our customers on solutions for dedicated problems in vehicle automation and industrial applications.
This helps us to understand real world requirements and constraints.

From 2024

Technology Leadership in Low-Cost Integrity & Functional Safety

A carefully selected set of applications and usecases will be qualified for safety-critical requirements. Especially for industrial applications such as construction and Level 3+ vehicle automation, PATHFINDER will be able to replace expensive GNSS reference systems.

From 2025

Design In‘s with OEM‘s

The qualification of the entire safety lifecycle for GNSS systems requires the supervision of every part involved. From GNSS service providers to external services providers, technology providers, system integrators and function developers, NAVENTIK will collaborate with all stakeholders to cover the entire safety-lifecycle. Finally, we are striving to qualify our technology for vehicle automation levels 4 and 5. 

From 2027

Series Production

Platform Licenses will be deployed to TIERs & OEMs for Market Dominance 

We intend our customers to develop and market products in series that fulfill all safety requirements for driver assistance systems for highly automated and autonomous driving. For this purpose, we guarantee our customers reliable and precise positioning with satellite navigation. To this end, we are constantly striving to further develop and improve our business and our products. What we promise, we deliver.


Am Walkgraben 13
09119 Chemnitz


+49 371 337 1370


We are curious to hear how you use PATHFINDER and what you are experiencing. Send your ideas and suggestions!