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engine for demanding, automotive
localization tasks.


Technical description

PATHFINDER is NAVENTIK’s navigation engine for demanding, automotive localization tasks. The software defined GNSS receiver will be integrated into your ADAS, In-vehicle system, or any other mobile platform. Different from all other technologies, our approach enables the ultra-tightly coupled integration within your existing data fusion application.
So, PATHFINDER is the world’s first GNSS receiver which is in the loop with your data fusion and that allows completely different views on how we use satellite navigation today.


First, you never need to take care
about multipath anymore.

As we were designing all signal processing from scratch we were including GNSS signal tracking under multipath, an explicit
model that generates multiple range candidates for each pseudorange measurement, if the system is subject to signal
disturbances. That means you as an application developer will be notified by PATHFINDER if multipath occurs, how much
the influence is and what this means for the accuracy and the integrity of the vehicle state estimation.

Probabilities and Multipath

Although modern GPS receivers achieve high pseudorange accuracy in line-of-sight (LOS) conditions, multipath remains a dominant source of ranging error in GNSS.

Nvaentik Core Pathfinder


Second, PATHFINDER provides the
interface for the probabilistic integration
of digital HD Maps.

That is the other bottleneck of nowadays high performance applications. Even if we could achieve 100% position accuracy of 2cm (as RTK can provide under good conditions), mapping that position to a digital map is always a critical point, as we cannot prove the accuracy of the map data and even less its validity. From our experience, the integration of digital map data along with positioning data needs to be done very carefully. And we are even going one step further. In order to prove the validity and performance of the final application, we are going for a probabilistic integration of HD maps. That means, the parametric description of the vehicles position on the road, on the lane and the longitudinal offset on the road segment are part of the state space. The NAVENTIK answer to existing map matching algorithms: lane level localization – Reliable and statistically proven.

So we are working towards the compliance of our software
products regarding ISO26262 and our navigation IP Core
PATHFINDER is implemented according MISRA today.

NAVENTIK compliance


The PATHFINDER navigation engine is fed
by a radio front end which is the remaining
hardware part of the NAVENTIK GNSS

The PATHFINDER front end will be tailored to your needs when it comes to integration into your hardware environment.
Maybe you already have a configurable radio front end in your existing communication module or infotainment system?
So you can even save that cost.

In short, PATHFINDER is integrating all aspects of vehicle localization that are relevant from safety perspective. All steps of signal processing are carefully revised in order to not lose or falsify any information that is relevant for the estimation of a valid error budget. The Pathfinder module will be interfaced by an API that will be tailored according to your needs and requirements; as we are targeting the implementation on your ECU or ADAS processor we are carefully developing according to automotive standards and we are also going to comply with ISO26262.