We change the way how we use satellite navigation, today.

Who we are

At NAVENTIK, we are a dynamic team passionate about highly automated and autonomous driving and aim to revolutionize the future of mobility. Located in the heart of Chemnitz, Germany, we develop the PATHFINDER GNSS localization technology for safety-critical automotive applications. PATHFINDER fulfills security and quality standards.

Where we come from

NAVENTIK is a spin-off from Chemnitz University of Technology. Founded in 2016, NAVENTIK was created from the EXIST transfer of research programme. We were able to prove our product PATHFINDER technically and in line with the market. This was the basis for the further development of the company backed with venture capital.

Where we go

NAVENTIK’s mission is to bring GNSS reference navigation technology for automated and autonomous driving into series production. The qualification of a technology for series production in the automotive sector is a longterm process. On our way to this passionate goal, we are paving the way for exciting applications alongside automotive use cases.


Test and Validation

PATHFINDER is available for research and development as well as for validation purposes. We work in close collaboration with our customers on solutions for dedicated problems in vehicle automation and industrial applications.
This helps us to understand real world requirements and constraints.

From 2021                          


A carefully selected set of applications and usecases will be qualified for safety-critical requirements. Especially for industrial applications such as construction and Level 3 vehicle automation, PATHFINDER will be able to replace expensive GNSS reference systems.

From 2025                        

Serial Production

The qualification of the entire safety lifecycle for GNSS systems requires the supervision of every part involved. From GNSS service providers to external services providers, technology providers, system integrators and function developers, NAVENTIK will collaborate with all necessary stakeholders to cover the entire safety-lifecycle.
Finally, we are striving to qualify our technology for vehicle automation levels 4 and 5. 

We are very excited about the endless possibilities of our approach how it will help you to improve the performance of your applications and to improve the satisfaction of the customers who use your system.


Am Walkgraben 13
09119 Chemnitz

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We are curious to hear how you use PATHFINDER and what you are experiencing. Send your ideas and suggestions!